There's a lot of data out there - big data, rich data, consumer data . . .etc.. But not all data is created equal.  At DCS, we bring you through each step of the data acquisition process.  The result?  You know where your data is coming from.  We start from scratch on each data project, acquiring a list of names and addresses in your district (usually the voter file) and adding in emails to records where we see a match.  Before we deliver new addresses to your office, we email them!  Why?  We can then ensure that we're providing only working, valid email addresses.

How it works

STEP 1 - Starting List: In most cases, we recommend working off of a voter file, which we can typically acquire on your office's behalf.

STEP 2 - Suppression File: Before moving forward with the match, we want to ensure we aren't selling you email addresses that your office already has on file.  We'll work with your LC or Systems Admin to export all emails currently in your database list to create a Suppression File we'll scrub against any new matches.

STEP 3 - the Match: Our e-mail database matches e-mail addresses to available name and address data. The system uses a comprehensive matching algorithm to ensure maximum match rates.

STEP 4 - Asking Permission: Match results have finalized, but we still need to test for validity and offer these new people an opportunity to unsubscribe.  We'll send a short text opt-out e-mail, known as a Permission Pass, asking constituents if they would like to receive updates from you.  All invalid emails and unsubscribes are removed.

STEP 5 - Delivery: We’re done! We provide the data to you in an accessible format (e.g. Excel or CSV) and assist you with the import process. For clients using our e-mail service, there is an automated, seamless transition to your e-mail database.


Pare it down

Need to limit budget?  Interested in strengthening your list with a specific segment of your constituency?  DCS can target specific demographics based on age, geography, and many other demographic identifiers.

Contact us to get the email append process started today!