Tele-Town Halls are an efficient and cost-effective way for Members of Congress to communicate directly with large or targeted groups of constituents through a live telephone conference from the comfort of your office.

Through our Tele-Town Hall service, you can establish strong relationships with your constituents, define the issues, engage in regular dialogue, and to reach significantly more constituents than a traditional town hall meeting. 

Advantages of the Tele-Town Hall:

  • User friendly: You will have full control of the call, with the ability to monitor and screen the discussion from your desktop.
  • Wide reach: By closely monitoring the dial out process, we will ensure you get the highest possible penetration rates, so that you can talk to as many constituents as possible.
  • Live polls: Use polls to let your constituents know that you’re listening to what they have to say.
  • Constituent participation: Allow your constituents to ask a live question or leave a voicemail for your office staff.
  • Detailed and rapid reporting: Receive detailed reports on which constituents participated in your Tele-Town Hall, how long they stayed on the call, and how they responded to poll questions on key issues.
  • Flexible: If something comes up, there is no need to worry! With DCS, there are no cancellation fees!
  • Staffing: We even provide staff to moderate your event or screen constituent questions.

From unlimited training sessions leading up to the event, to staff on-site the day or evening of your Tele-Town Hall, our team is available every step of the way.

And now, with Vekeo, DCS is expanding your reach.

  • With SMS Text-to-Register your constituents can simply text #Rep(YourName) to 828282 and be instantly signed up for all future events.
  • Using your own, customized Vekeo Teletown Hall page you can gather mobile sign-ups from constituents in compliance with FCC rules.
  • Vekeo also allows you to host a live audiostream, and post audio from past events.

With nearly 50% of households in America ditching their landline phones, only Vekeo gives you the tools to continue connecting with all your constituents. Best of all Vekeo comes included in our Teletown Hall service at no additional cost.