In a landscape where cell phone usage is overtaking landlines, DCS has partnered with Vekeo to bring you the future of Tele-town Halls. Vekeo is the only platform that gathers mobiles numbers from constituents through explicit legalese that complies with all FCC regulations.

But that is just one part of the Vekeo experience. Once DCS helps you create your own customized Vekeo page, your office will be able to:


Collect constituents’ mobile numbers

  • On your Vekeo page, constituents will be given multiple opportunities to sign up, allowing you to gather their mobile phones numbers for future calls.
  • Furthermore with SMS Text-to-Register, constituents can simply text Rep(YourName) to #828282 and be subscribed for all future events


Post a live Audiostream of your Telephone Town Hall

  • Send out a link on your social media, and allow your constituents to log on from their own computers and listen in.
  • Audiostream participants can submit questions before the call even begins, allowing you to start digging into participant questions as soon as the call starts.
  • And just like with our standard Teletown Halls, we will provide analytics so that you know how many people were logged on and listening in over the course of the call.


Engage supporters with audio from past events

  • Post a past event with either the full audio of the call, highlight clips, or both.
  • Past event pages include the subscribe form for future events, creating another avenue for you to gather mobile subscribers.

Best of all the Vekeo experience is included in with our Teletown Hall service at no additional charge.

Make sure you get the most out of your Teletown Halls by contacting us to build your Vekeo page today.