Colleen McGee Kavanaugh - Chief Executive Officer

Colleen became CEO in 2009 and has focused on building a strong team of smart, energetic, creative people committed to working for Democrats and who value customer service. She previously served as DCS’ Chief Financial and Operating Officer where she developed a knack for helping clients maximize their limited resources.

Colleen has years of experience in the political and nonprofit worlds. She is passionately committed to electing Democrats at all levels of government. She has worked in a variety of roles over the past 20 years, including the Finance Director of Massachusetts Democratic Party, fundraising and organizing for the Democratic National Committee, the Kerry for Senate Committee and numerous state and local elections. Colleen served as the campaign manager of the Steve Grossman for Governor campaign in the 2002 election cycle.

Colleen divides her time between her business in Washington and her home in New Bedford, Massachusetts. She and her husband founded a non-profit SouthCoast Connected to help address the alarmingly high school dropout rate in the area. The foundation has run numerous programs in communities on the South Coast most notably the New Bedford Middle School sports program that has drawn accolades from student, parents and educators. Recently the foundation purchased 30 violins to begin a Middle School String music program. Colleen also serves on the board of the New Bedford YMCA. She is passionate about creating opportunities for young people to succeed. “Talent is universal - opportunity is not”.

Colleen is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and sees her most important accomplishment as raising her son and daughter, both of whom share her commitment to progressive politics and social justice. She is a doting “Nona” to her 2 adored grandchildren Micaela and Teddy.