Top Ten Reasons To Do A TeleTown Hall with Us


10.   Text us anytime ;)

We’ll help you keep in touch with the nearly 50% of US residents who are ditching their landlines in favor of cell phones.  Constituents can simply text #Rep(YourName) to 828282 to instantly be signed up for all future town halls.

9.    Trump all the noise.
Cut through the spin and white noise – speak directly to thousands of your constituents about the issues they truly care about. A teletown hall allows you to personally engage them in a dialogue tailored to your district.

8.    Data? We have the BEST data!

How many people participated?  How long did they stay on the line?  What questions were asked?  All of this data will be provided to you the very next day in five detailed reports.

7.    Who wants ice cream?

Got a question? Let's take a poll. Using our polling feature, we can gather data on the issues most important to your constituents.  Preset polls can be picked to go live in real time during a call and their results broadcasted moments later.

6.    Join us in the digital world.

With audio-streaming, participants can join the call from their smart phones and tablets.  They can type out their questions, share the link with family and friends, and enjoy a slideshow that we’ll create for you at no additional cost.

5.    Even Grandma's posting videos.

We’ll help you utilize your website, newsletter, and social media to increase attendance at your next teletown hall.  Draw attention with promotional videos and eye-grabbing graphics.  We will even put together a full marketing plan to get the word out.

4.    Leave a message after the beep.

A pre-recorded voicemail message from the Member will be left on all the answering machines we receive when we blast out our phone calls.  This way we can even reach constituents who don’t pick up.

3.    You don't have to ask for their number.

We make sure your phone number lists are scrubbed, up-to-date, and compliant with FCC’s rules and we oversee this process from start to finish.  From phone appends to filtering out old or unused numbers, we will ensure that we are only dialing working numbers in our target audience.

2.    Facebook. Twitter. Vekeo.

With a sleek design, this one-stop shop for all things teletown hall is as easy to update as it is to share. Constituents can sign up for future events, subscribe to your newsletter, listen to highlights from past calls, or pass along the link to family and friends.

1.    We’re there for you – literally.

Nervous? Don’t be. On the day of the event, we will provide an on-site professional to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch!  We’ll be there to answer any last minute questions, help log in to the web interface, and even provide assistance moderating or screening.  We also offer unlimited trainings for your staff at no additional cost.